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The village of Ceriana is located in the hinterland of San Remo, Liguria, and still preserves to this day its rural medieval aspect. Ceriana is laid out in a concentric rings formation around a hill, echoing the defensive construction techniques that were used during the Ligurian medieval era. Rich with oratories, rustic and votive chapels, Ceriana delights the sight of its visitors, in its maze of narrow alleys, with its typical buildings that formerly hosted ancient influences, mainly Genoese, and with the beauty of its baroque and Romanesque churches.




Ceriana’s inhabitants (locally known as Cerianaschi) are to this day very attached to their tradition that they jealously guard, being a precious relic of their past, the source of their strong and ever-living values.
The Holy week’s festivities, the famous summer events, Saint John’s day, the Madonna della Villa’s day, Saint Peter and Paul’s day, and the Earth International Music Festival all attract different generations and fuel their attachment to their roots. These holidays and celebrations also give you a unique chance to listen to the Cerianaschi’s best performance: Chanting.
Thanks to its confraternities and traditional choirs, Ceriana has spread its culture throughout the world introducing to the enthusiasts the melodies and the songs of its original repertoire, such as the Miserere that is still chanted according to ancient medieval scores.




Ceriana is also famous for the production of extra virgin olive oil (Taggiascan variety) that flavours its typical sun-dried tomatoes and sausages. Indeed, during the sausage village festival (La Sagra della Salsiccia), held on the third Sunday of each August, Ceriana’s sausage is cooked in 4 delicious versions, by cooks representing the 4 local confraternities, who compete against one another on that day for the best interpretation of sausage cooking.
Between a charbroiled version and casseroled one, you will have the opportunity to compare tastes and to evaluate the abilities of the cooks, who practice their skills more enthusiastically year after year.
In addition to that, the surrounding areas of Ceriana area are characterized by their marvellous woods, that do not only hide and preserve the ideal spots for the growth of the succulent polish mushrooms (funghi porcini), but are also famous for the excellent quality of the chestnut found there, a premium fruit used in delicious recipes made of chestnut flour, like the Castagnun regal sweet, that is also the “protagonist” of another village festival held on October of every year. The chestnut wood also constitutes an excellent raw material for construction.
And finally, do not miss the walk to the Tumaixin Millenary Chestnut, a place that was particularly cherished by Nobel Prize Laureate Giulio Natta, whose mother was from Ceriana.


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